DeGrate-Claxon Farms

NPGA Pygmy,KGBA Kinders and ADGA Purebred Nubians and American Nubian Goats

Home of Aunjalee's Charge Registered Purebred Pygmy's  AND   Claxon's Chaos Recordable and Registered Kinders                                                                                              

We just moved out to the country life in December of 2009 from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Our 2 year old at the time, Aunjalee, wanted goats and from there we prepared ourselves for the raising and breeding of said goats. Little did we know at 2 she had such good business sense. What I am talking about is the shortage of goat meat that is present here in the state of Missouri. Fast forward..... After many tireless hours of scouring the web, I decided that we would breed our own Kinder goats and thus went at the work of assembling the Nubians and Pygmy's that I needed. I have since fallen head over heals for my Pygmy buck thus we will be breeding registered purebred Pygmy's also. With that said another factor was that there are very few breeders of these precious pygmy goats in our area.We have gone to great lengths to assemble our goats for the conformation that we want in our herds. Our dams and sires arrived from Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Kentucky, and Southern Missouri. As we are bringing each goat into our herd, they will be tested prior to their arrival to our farm unless they come from farms that have a track record of testing. I am determined to have all of my goats tested for CAE, CL and Johnes as we will maintain our herd free of diseases and abscess. All testing results will be available at request.Our goats are on an all natural blend of grain that incorporates Fertrell's nutri-balance minerals for goats. Our progressive view to the future of our farm is producing naturally raised, hearty goats with the use of medicines and antibiotics as need arises, not as a preventative. We will vaccinate with CD&T and as for worming we are currently alternating wormers, but we hope that soon we can worm as needed and holistically, as I am learning to do my own fecals.

We also have farm fresh chicken eggs. We have Single Comb Rhode Island Red, Cherry Eggers, Brahma Light and  Ameraucanas. We will have large brown eggs available and the Ameraucanas will produce green and blue eggs.We have our chickens on an all natural blend of grain also. They  have a secure enclosure which gives them access to the pasture grasses around them. Unfortunately, these will only be available locally.Starting next year, we will also be offering goat meat for sale. If you need them slaughtered on our property per a religious way, please let us know what is involved so that we can make an informed decision as to whether or not we will allow it. We do have neighbors and we live within the city limits.We ourselves are unable to provide this type of spiritual service, we can only provide the goat living as purchased.